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Frequently Asked Questions About Web Sites and The Internet

What is a home page?
What is a web site?

A "home page" is a single page which may be retrieved and viewed over the internet.  A web site is more extensive and may run to hundreds of pages.  For businesses offering mainly services,  a single informative page may well be quite sufficient.  For businesses offering products,  a more extensive site allows for a greater volume of information and promotion to be made available.

What is a domain name?
How long can my company keep this domain name?
Can I register more than one?

A domain name is a unique address on the internet that "points" directly to your web site.  After your name is registered, nobody else can use it as long as you pay the registration fee. The minimum registration period is one year and the maximum is ten years.  Domain names are currently being registered at the rate of about one hundred thousand per month, so the first thing we do for new clients is find a suitable name and register it right away.  In some cases,  you may wish to register your name with more than one extension, such as  yourname.com and yourname.net.  You may own as many domain names as you are willing to pay for.

What is a web hosting server?
Is the server you use secure and stable?
What features does it offer?
How much does it cost?
Do I have to buy my hosting from Kinetic?

A web hosting server is a special type of computer system which is connected directly to the "backbone" of the internet.  All of the files which make up a web site are uploaded onto the hosting server, and your domain name is set to connect to these files when your web address is placed into your viewer's browser.   We are very proud of our hosting service and believe that it offers our clients the absolute best in speed and reliability.  Even the most basic hosting setup provides a whopping 100 megabaud of storage space, which is enough capacity to store upwards of 10,000 pages!  The fees for  one year of hosting on our server are bundled into the total design fee for Electronic Business Card and Electronic Brochure site plans.  For other sites needing hosting,  fees may be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly.  Our clients do not have to use our hosting service if they do not wish to do so.

Can I regularly post updates to my pages? Change content?
What does it mean to "maintain" a page? Don't you just put it up and leave it?

A web site,  in order to continue being accurate, informative and interesting, needs to be attended to on a regular basis.   It is the ability to easily add and change information to a web site that differentiates the web from standard print advertising.  If you move your office, you must order new business stationary and forms,  but on your web site,  we just add the new information and reload the pages.  At Kinetic,  updating services and ongoing administration are perhaps the most valuable tools we offer,  because this keeps your web presence fresh and relevant, which encourages your visitors to return.  The best part is that we take care of this for you as part of our service.

How can I get maximum exposure for my webpage?
How many hits will my page get on average?

When we build your site,  we manually submit it to the top ten-ranked search engines, such as Google,  MSN, and Yahoo.   Thereafter,  your site is resubmitted every four to six weeks as a matter of routine.  However, with the number of web pages growing exponentially every day,  the likelihood of achieving high rankings on keyword searches becomes diminished, and no one can guarantee that a high ranking can be consistently achieved and maintained. 

The most effective way to promote your web site is to add your web address on everything you possibly can and everywhere it can possibly go.  Include it in all of your regular advertising and in your yellow page listing.  Put it on your invoices and register receipts.  A one-inch one column display ad takes on tremendous power when it displays a web address. 

Can you submit a bid on a job if what i want doesn't fit into one of your plans?
What are your terms?

We invite you to submit a Request for Proposal for custom site designs.  Our quotes are generally flat-rated on a per-page basis.  Our terms for sites of these types are generally one-half of the base quote as a retainer, with balance due on completion.

I already have a web site, but the person who designed it is no longer available. Can you help me?

Yes!  We will assume administration of an exisiting or "orphaned" web site and  do any necessary updates or redesigns.   We will also study  your existing hosting costs and see if we can offer you a better deal.   We have saved our clients upwards of 75% per year by this step alone,  and the savings from this over time more than covers our service fees.

If I only want a webpage to promote an event, say for 6 months , what then?

Then we take it down at the time you specify and terminate your hosting service.  You still own your domain name should you wish to use it at a later date.

What if I want to change companies in the middle of the year? 

For Electronic Brochure and Electronic Business Card sites,  the subscription is written for one-year terms.  This is done for your convenience, in that you write one check and you are done with it for one entire year.  Our design fees are non-refundable, because we've already done the work.  However, if we arranged for your hosting,  we would terminate it should you so desire. 

Do I have to sign a contract?
Do you have a sample contract?

We have a written Agreement of Service which outlines the promises we make to you as your web developer.  We are happy to provide a copy for review upon request.

Do I get to choose from a range of color schemes and fonts?
Do you have examples?
Do I own the pages and graphics?

If our client tells us that they wish to have a specific color scheme, we will design the site accordingly.  If not,  we will show you several different themes and use the one you choose. We truly want our clients to be both excited about and happy with their web site, and we try as best we can to involve you in the design process as much as you wish to participate.  The web pages and graphic designs we prepare for you belong to you after our fees are paid, and we will provide you with all of your site materials should you wish to change companies...which you won't.....because we are really great!