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Simply put,  digital publications are documents which are created,  distributed and viewed in the digital realm.   They allow for the use of full color graphic and art design at a fraction of the cost of commercial printing.  Our unique presentations are ideal for brochures,  newsletters,  catalogs,  user manuals,  tutorials, "e-zines" and booklets. 

They can be distributed on compact discs and floppy discs,  downloaded from web sites,  and sent via email. 

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  • Fully internet-enabled:  your viewer can contact you directly from the CD
  • Text, graphics,  audio and video, all on one CD
  • Tutorials,  catalogs, brochures
  • Publication quality color graphics
  • Business Card CD ROMs
  • Mini CD ROMs
  • Custom mailers
  • Short run duplication
  • No special viewer or plug-in is needed.
  • Small file sizes mean fast downloads
  • Ideal for promotional CD ROMs
  • Publication quality color graphics
  • Short run or bulk duplication
  • A variety of packaging options & mailers
  • Seamless integration with an existing web site
  • Easily updated
Sometimes,  you just don't need 5,000 copies.  We specialize in producing compact discs in short-run "just enough" quantities of 500 discs or less, but we can also supply larger quantities in any number.
Idaho NRCS Digital Recruiting Guide
 <<< Click the button to download an interactive CD ROM produced by Kinetic Digital for the Idaho State Natural Resources Conservation Service's 2002 recruiting drive
Paperless Publishing Solutions in full color
  • Marketing Materials
  • Interactive Printable Forms
  • Tutorials & Instructional Materials
  • Catalogs & Parts Lists

Custom PDF documents are an extremely versatile medium for presenting information in digital form across all commonly used platforms. 

They can be downloaded,  emailed,  and delivered on CD and DVD ROM discs.   All of the original color,  typography and images remain intact.

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